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  • Star Clippers call Semarang Port for Borobudur Sunrise

    Posted on May 08, 2017

    Borobudur Sunrise for Star Clipper's passengers ! Wake up early and get the special experience earlier than others !

  • Open Borobudur tour Insignia Ship Semarang Port

    Posted on Mar 09, 2017

    Open booking Borobudur tour Insignia Ship Semarang Port on 19 March 2017 !

  • Semarang Port, Things to See & Do

    Posted on Feb 04, 2017

    From Semarang Port to Borobudur Temple, Tanjung Emas in Semarang. Semarang is a city on the north coast of the island of Java, Indonesia. It is the capital of the province of Central Java. Semarang is a bustling city and an important port. Semarang is very much a mixture of old and new Java, with a modern southerly 'new town' area and a more historical 'Outstadt' area on its northerly coastal plain, next to the Banjir canals and Yos Sudarso Bay.

  • The Great Java Rail Tour, Culture in comfort in Asia’s best kept secret

    Posted on Dec 13, 2016

    This nostalgic excursion is one of many highlights of the Great Java Rail Tour, conducted each year since the 1980s by train buff and Indonesian enthusiast Kevin Pearce. It covers more than 1800 kilometres by rail through some of the most spectacular scenery you will find anywhere in Asia.

  • Borobudur Sunrise from Punthuk Setumbu

    Posted on Dec 02, 2016

    To see the sunrise from Punthuk Setumbu Hill, a hill located about 5 km from Borobudur temple when you can see the sun coming behind Merapi, with Borobudur gracefully fell asleep surrounded by mountain ranges and mighty hills.

  • Borobudur Tour for Holland America Line‘s ms VOLENDAM 14-Day Indonesian Discovery Holiday

    Posted on Nov 21, 2016

    Borobudur Tours from cruise ship of Holland America Volendam on December 23 to Semarang Port

  • Welcome to Semarang Port and forward to Borobudur Temple

    Posted on Nov 17, 2016

    After days on cruise ship with all the certainly forget the name of the day of today....go land and we will tell you briefly that you are now in Semarang Port, Indonesia !

  • Prawirotaman Street, a tourist village in Yogyakarta.

    Posted on Nov 11, 2016

    Prawirotaman Street, a village where everybody will greet to you and say ' Hello Sir/Madam ' A tourist village that fulfill the traveler needs ! Cheap Hotels, Sharing Tours, Car / Motor Bike rentals, and restaurants.

  • Borobudur One Day Tour Package of shore excursion from Semarang Port

    Posted on Nov 07, 2016

    The most famous of Indonesia's temple, the huge Buddist pyramid. This is the Buddism's largest shrines in Indonesia. It can be easily operated by many Tour Operators for One Day Tour special Package of shore excursion from Semarang Port

  • In Yogyakarta / Jogjakarta to visit the most !

    Posted on Oct 29, 2016

    Yogyakarta ( also called Jogja / Jogjakarta ) is the capital city of the Yogyakarta Special Region ( DIY ) in Central Java, Indonesia. It is considered as a cultural and spiritual center in Java Island, Indonesia. Jogja has become one of the most favorite city in Asia. Jogjakarta offers plenty of cultural and historical sites to visit and explore.

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