e-Visa to Indonesia

Rp3.950.000 per PAX

We cooperate with E-VISA Bali, is a consultant company established in Indonesia with over 12 years experiences. provides services to process important documents as residence permit licenses, B211A, VISA, for countries : India, Mauritius, Lebanon, Iran, Ne


We serve e-Visa to Indonesia :

  • e-VISA ( B211A )
  • e-VOA

For countries :

  • Mauritius
  • Lebanon
  • India
  • Srilangka
  • Iran
  • Nepal
  • Etc

In cooperation with :   

Apply for an e-visa to enter Indonesia ?

Before submitting your documents, please pay attention to the following :

  • Please DO NOT book your flights until you receive your e-VISA.
  • Immigration is now processing visas and Kitas for foreigners offshore (outside of Indonesia).
  • We upload your applications as quickly as possible. With the festive season approaching please be aware that business days do not include public holidays and weekends.
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  10. Transactions DONE, you will receive Travel Document and Official Receipt to your email. Check to your Spam folder if not found in inbox.
  11. Balance of the payment ( Deposit & Pay Later options ) have to be settled upon arrival.
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e-VISA to Indonesia ( B211A )

An e-VISA is an official document that allows the bearer to legally enter a foreign country. The visa is usually stamped or glued into the bearer’s passport.

Offshore visa ( B211A ). Tourist Visa is what you need if you are going to stay in Indonesia for more than 2 months for tourist purposes (but maximum 180 days). Tourist visa is valid for 30 or 60 days (or other amount, depending on issuing embassy decision) and can be extended 4 times for 30 days each at the Immigration Office. It is one of the most popular visa for tourists who want to visit Bali for long term.


A KITAS is an Indonesian government permit that allows foreign nationals to work or stay in Indonesia legally.

In Bahasa Indonesia, KITAS is short for Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas. It’s also commonly referred to as a limited stay permit, work permit, or work visa. The Working Visa / Working KITAS is intended for foreigners that are employed to work in Indonesia for more than a few months. In general, Directors, Commissioners & Senior Managers can obtain a 12-month extendable permit, whereas advisors can only get a 6-month, non-extendable visa.


Business license in Indonesia is an essential matter for any business sector in order to conduct business activities in Indonesia.

A PMA (Penanaman Modal Asing) or is known as a Foreign Owned Company in Indonesia. This is a type of legal entity in which foreigners can choose to conduct commercial activities in Indonesia established under the Indonesia Law.


VOA has become the choice of many tourists who wish to visit Indonesia for a short duration of time. Until November 2022 VOA is the choice of more than 1.4 million foreign tourists. In order to continue to improve and make it easier for you, as well as to provide convenience in Visa processing, we introduce e-VOA. The application of e-VOA is expected to make a real contribution to encouraging the entry of foreign tourists and business people from all over the world to Indonesia


The company we cooperate with to provide services to process important documents including residence permit licenses, VISA, tax documents, building permission licenses, business licenses, and property legal consulting documents.

Over 200 happy customer (corporate and personal) and over 3,000 completed application, we are here to help people who need to deal with those documents so that the process can be easier and faster.

The team of the company knows well that permission and legal status are very important to live in the country as well as to conduct business. Therefore, to make your businesses can be established faster, the team makes all the things much simpler. 

We commits even beyond the clients’ expectations to provide services for licenses and permission documents for immigrants and employment.

The commitments of the company are realized by establishing good cooperation with related ministries and strategic departments that are referred to as official regulations.

To get direct information in details, just scan the below barcode :


  1. Company or Social foundation
  2. Visa Approval & E-VISA Fee
  3. Your VISA will start from the E-VISA issue date.
  4. The process starts after complete documents and requirements.
  5. Takes up to 14 business days to complete after payment has been received and all documents checked, does not include weekends, public holidays, closures by the Indonesian immigration dept or the immigration system being under maintenance.
  1. Additional requirement may requested by officer during the process.
  2. Any problems and cost arise due to VISA violation is not our responsibility.

For entrance must provide  

  1. International e-HAC (Peduli Lindungi)
  2. Travel insurance that cover Covid-19 Treatment
  3. Vaccine certificate
  4. Booking of return ticket or fly out ticket of Indonesia
  5. Negative PCR result valid maximum 2 x 24 hours from arrival
  6. Proof of itinerary accommodation during stay and quarantine in


  • Terms and conditions apply. We follow the policies and regulations of the Indonesian Immigration Department.
  • If the Indonesian Government closes the borders and your e-VISA expires we cannot provide a refund.
  • Once we apply for your e-VISA we cannot provide a refund.
  • Once your e-VISA has been approved we cannot provide a refund.
  • If your e-VISA is refused by the Indonesian Government, we cannot provide a refund except in special circumstances.
  • Due to confidentiality and privacy, we cannot discuss any application process or progress with a third party, unless given written approval from the applicant themselves, or if you are making an application on behalf of a minor under 18 years of age.
  • Visa to Indonesia

    The details of the offshore visa with the newest updates (15 April 2022) as below details : 

    For offshore visa ( B211A ) applications.

    A. Requirements :

    Mandatory : 

    1. Passport scan or clear picture min validity 12 months for business (6 months for tourist)
    2. Birth Certificate (for children under 17 years old)
    3. Full Dose Vaccine Certificate
    4. Formal Photograph (like your passport photo pose)

    Additional (if any)

    1. Flight Ticket
    2. Travel / Medical Insurance that covers Covid-19 facilities (mandatory during arrival)
    3. Bank Statement with a minimum balance of USD 2,000

    Please be noted that Indonesian Immigration gives limited quotas every working day. Should you apply for visa, please send us the document as soon as possible to put you on the queue for the visa application list

    B. Processing Time :

    • 7 - 12 working days (Regular)
    • 3 - 5 working days (Express)

    C. Cost :

    Business Visa

    • Regular: IDR 3,950,000
    • Express: IDR 5,250,000

    Tourist Visa

    • Regular: IDR 3,950,000 
    • Express: IDR 4,950,000 

    (all prices are included with sponsorship and VISA fee payable to Immigration)

    Please note that the working process starts after the document is uploaded to Visa Online.

    To get direct information in details, just scan the below barcode :

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