Semarang City Tour for Cruise Ship. Arrive in Semarang port of Tanjung Mas Harbour for passengers’ debarkation then pick up service by our tour guides and teams.


SEMARANG CITY TOUR. Visit Sam Phoo Kong, Lawang Sewu, MJAT, Nyonya Meneer Herb Factory


  • CRS - 01 - One Day Semarang City Cruise Passengers

    The Semarang trip will be begun by visiting Sam Pho Kong which will pass the Old Dutch trading areas Kota lama. Sam Pho Kong is an acculturation temple between Chinese and Moslem; it was built to honor the Chinese ancestor and Moslem prophet, Admiral Cheng Ho. By here we would go to our city exploration to Lawang Sewu (perceived as 1000 doors). This place has become landmark of Semarang and proud by Semarang people, because it was an historical evidence of people’s warfare againts colonialist.
    The next destination, we will directly continue to passby Central Java Grand Mosque ( MAJT ). MAJT was built in area of approximately of 10 hectare, with mains building broad 7.669 m2. The last visit is to Museum PT. Njonja Meneer started in 1919 with the vision of helping increase health in society as well as to celebrate on e of the oldest, worldly known industry of Indonesian herbal medicine. The company has over 250 products under their name; All split into three categories: beauty, body care and health recovery, with 80% of the products dedicated to women of all ages.
    In the late noon, we will directly proceed to the harbour for your embarkation.

    07.30 - 08.00  : Depart harbor to Sam Pho Kong through Kota lama Areas
    08.00 - 09.00  : Visiting Sam Pho Kong
    09.00 - 09.45  : Continue to Lawang Sewu
    09.40 - 10.45  : Visiting Lawang Sewu
    10.45 - 11.15  : Going MAJT and passing through MAJT
    11.15 - 11.45  : Continued to Ny Meneer
    11.45 – 12.45  : Visit Ny Meneer Museum
    12.45 – 13.45  : Return to harbour.



  1. Air conditioned transportation
  2. English Speaking Guide
  3. Refreshment chilled drinks available on the coach
  4. Cold towels
  5. Entrance fee, parking and donations