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Jomblang Cave Tours

Adventuous Ride into Hidden Jungle. The Goa Jomblang day tour is an Indiana Jones style adventure. You’ll be lowered 60 meters into a sinkhole. Explore a hidden forest. Trek for more than 50 meters through a dark tunnel using only a flashlight. At the end of the tunnel you’ll enter a cave the size of a cathedral. A beam of light coming from a hole in the roof cuts through the darkness. A safety briefing and you’ll be provided with a helmet, rubber boots and the safety harness you get lowered in.

Take Jomblang Cave in one day tour Yogyakarta. Get Fantastic vertival cave experience once in a lifetime. A vertical glide down to the entrance of the cave to Goa Jomblang. The glide is powered by locals who manually control the length and speed.

Posted in The attraction on videos on Feb 06, 2018

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