A special tour for certain people ! Why special ? It's a viisit to magnificent Borobudur Temple while the sun arise and earlier than other visitors. Why certain people ? Only a few is willing to be a witness of spectacular sunrise at World Heritage !

Borobudur Sunrise Tour offers a different experience where participants were given a special pass to enter the monument early in the morning at approximately 04.30 am before public visitors and visitor have to walk from the Manohara Hotel to Borobudur with a pre-dawn stroll through the dewy grass of a lush tropical garden. A panoramic scenary and a very beautiful morning at Borobudur especially those moments when the sun would appear from the horizon. A truly enlightening experience!

The Itinerary :

03.30 AM - 04.30 AM : Pick up from your hotel to go Borobudur temple
04.45 AM - 07.00 AM : Enjoy Borobudur Sunrise from special gate of Manohara Resort
07.00 AM - 07.30 AM : Coffee / Tea + snack at Manohara Resort
07.30 AM - 08.30 AM : Visit Pawon & Mendut Temples
08.30 AM - 09.30 AM : Return to your hotel

You can modify the program or add the attraction.


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